Thank you so much everyone for giving me the time to get over the worst of my heartbreak. I’m back at my writing chair and as hard as it is (SO SO hard) not having my little bunny sleeping on my feet, I’ve got to get back to work.

I’m looking forward to getting back to work.

It’s all systems go.

August officially sucked. Not only did I find my friend’s horse with a shattered leg and have to put it down (mentally screwed me up for a week), but I also lost my house bunny of 8.5 years. To say I’m not coping all that well is an understatement. Because of these two tragedies, my writing sort of took a running leap out of a window and my brain is slowly remembering how to be creative without death shadowing my every thought.

Because of that, I’ve had to rejuggle a few things. Below is an update on releases / what to expect from me in the next few months.



As I ran away from home for a week the next few days will be taken up answering emails, and slowly digging myself out of the avalanche that happens when you turn off the internet for 7 days.


DOLLARS (Dollar Series #2)

I’d hoped to get this book out by September / October but it’s going to be slightly delayed. My heart is still broken and I need time to adjust and make sure I write the best book I can without ruining Pim and Elder’s story. At this stage, I don’t have a release date but I’m looking more toward the end of October. Not a long delay, just a short one. Thank you for understanding.



This is complete and in the approval stage on Audible / iTunes / Amazon. It will only be a few days away from being available.



This is complete and in its final editing stages. It will be available in a few weeks.



I had planned on releasing Tess and Q’s bonus epilogue for free on all platforms this month but with what happened that has been pushed back a bit. I’m aiming to have it up in September so watch this space.



I’m currently writing a book very different to what I normally write and I’m loving it. I may or may not release it but for now, it’s helping me heal and I’ll be back to delivering many releases soon. I’ll keep you in the loop about this Random Creation 🙂



Thanks for understanding and for all your incredible support. xxx


  1. Hang in there..It eventually gets better. I cannot go a day without thinking about our boy we had to put down a few months ago. We never forget them, just remember them in our hearts & dreams.

    1. Sorry for both of your losses. But I agree with you. You never forget them just remember them and relive your happy times with them. Again sorry for your loss and I feel you.

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